Surfing in Yilan and the east coast in Winter.

Surfing in Taiwan is a difficult region for surf forecasting websites. The nature of Northeasterly winds in such close proximity is much less accurately predicted than regions such as the west coast of North and South America which receive a higher percentage of long period groundswell. While surfing in Taiwan during this period is consistant the wind and conditions can prove difficult more than a 3-4 day period. Rapidly advancing storm fronts from Artic regions effects winter surf in Taiwan. Surfing in Taiwan during winter months is much warmer than areas like Japan. What wetsuit should I bring to Taiwan? Surfing in Taiwan's winter months would normally be alright with a 3/2 November-March. Only the coldest days or skinniest surfers would require more. Wave size is generally 3-6ft. Surfing in Taiwan!!!

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